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Summer is Here!

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As the school year is wrapped up many wrestlers have been going strong for several months at this time. My team just finished our Freestyle/Greco season with the Clash at the Capital outdoor Freestyle dual tournament in Omaha this past weekend. Now we have a select few wrestlers who will continue to train throughout the summer, compete in Regional and National Freestyle/Greco tournaments, culminating at the biggest and baddest of them all in Fargo ND in July.

For most wrestlers the summer is an important part of skill development. Wrestling is a very skill oriented sport and along with strength and conditioning no area should be left untouched in a well rounded training regimen. My advise is to utilize strength training year round and lift at least 3 times a week if the facilities are available. Summer time is not a time to worry about conditioning, as Freestyle/Greco matches typically end quicker and have a 30 second break between periods. For that reason the summer should be focused on learning new skills and drilling techniques that wrestlers are already good at. This will give them their go to moves that they can fall back on and also new ones to keep opponents who are seen regularly guessing what they will do next.

A big part of learning new skills is to get instruction from as many different coaches as possible in the off season. This allows wrestlers to continue to learn new techniques and keep adding them to their arsenal. I encourage wrestlers to seek out camps and clinics that meet their needs and never stop learning!


Getting Pumped for the Season!

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This is an exciting time of the year. The college season is getting to the open tournaments and high schools are about to start practice. Also in some parts of the country middle schools and youth clubs are starting to practice. The beginning of the season always has a lot of energy and everyone is optimistic to start attacking this years goals of improving on their sport or increase strength. I believe that wrestlers have many ways to be successful and people of all body types and sizes can find what works for them and create a style of techniques that works for them. Obviously the Twister was a technique that I used consistently in matches but everything must be practiced and drilled properly to become proficient to the point of executing it under pressure during an important match. For this reason I suggest utilizing intense drilling as a part of your practice routine. Slow and easy never happens in a match so make the drills fast and wrestlers will begin to decrease their reaction time and hit the moves in real speed. Good luck to everyone and as always feel free to contact me if I can help in any way.

I have decreased the price of the Twister DVD by $5 as a gift to anyone who wants to learn the move that can get them a few more pins this year. Click here!

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Freestyle and Greco Season!

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TWA and CWO have joined forces again for the 2018 spring season. We will be hosting practices on Mondays and Thursdays from 6:30-8pm in the New Columbus High School Wrestling Room. We will continue training through the state freestyle tournament which is May 5th.

Summer camps are being added daily so be sure to check the camps page to see the latest.

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Twister Wrestling Academy Starts March 3rd

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The finish of another wrestling season brings us to the off season. Some people do not believe in “Off Season” and those types of individuals are the ones that are not afraid of out working the opposition in order to accomplish their goals. This will be my first year in Nebraska which is a great city for sports as wrestling and hunting using The 5 Best Compound Bows of 2018. In a few years and I am looking forward to creating a great training situation for any wrestlers who don’t want to just wait until next November to start wrestling again.  Started in 2006 the Twister Wrestling Academy is focused on helping wrestlers accomplish their goals through technique development and acquiring quality training partners.  Starting March 3rd in the Columbus High Wrestling Room we will begin working towards preparations for the 2016 season! Click here for online registration.  Click here for a flyer.

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35 Days until the Season!

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If you know me you know I enjoy a good countdown. Today is just 7 weeks prior to the beginning of another high school season. As I enter my 10th year coaching I have moved back to the state where I became a State Champion: Nebraska.  As the new head coach at Columbus High School I am really looking forward to the start of this season.  Columbus has a deep history which includes 34 State Champions and 7 team titles.  I am honored to be part of that history but even more excited to be a part of the future!  I enjoyed my time in Colorado and made many lifelong friends but like the saying goes, There is no place like home.

It is with a new heightened level of alacrity that I say good luck to wrestlers across the country in the pursuit of state and national championships! The preseason is the perfect time to start adding new techniques to your style.  I have added my former teammate Jeff Rutledge’s Superduck DVD to the shop page and if you have not seen it in a match you are missing out!

Lastly it is only 2 months before competitions start, and that means it is time to start making small changes in your nutrition and  I recommend you try Advocare supplements. They are the best in the industry and you can rest assured that you are putting only the highest quality nutrients in your body to maintain your “fighting weight”

Good Luck this season!

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Summer Camps

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As the spring season is underway and the freestyle/greco tournaments are happening it is now time to start thinking about summer camps. So far this summer Twister Wrestling will be going to several camps in Colorado, Nebraska, and Kansas. Visit the camps tab in the next few weeks as I am finalizing my summer camp schedule.

Thanks and good luck in the upcoming State Freestyle and Greco Tournaments!

Twister Wrestling Academy Begins March 3rd

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This year we are excited to announce some new additions to our coaching Staff! In addition to Coach Keiswetter and Coach Jiron we will have Louis Caputo. Coach Caputo comes to Colorado from Harvard where he had a standout career. He brings a wealth of experience at all levels and styles.Here are a few of his accomplishments:
2x NCAA All-American
2x Junior World Team Member
6x Fargo Finalist, 3x Champion
3x Missouri State Champion
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After a couple years away from the company I have been brought back. I felt with all of the supplements being marketed towards athletes that I should do my part to keep our athletes safe from dangerous products.  The research and development that goes into Advocares products are second to none. They guarantee you will not consume a banned substance-and to me that means as high performance athletes wrestlers need to make sure everything they put in their bodies is a quality product.

I personally take the Advocare Spark and Catalyst.

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