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Another Year in the Books

Posted on by adam

Well another year is in the books and it has been another great year for me and my wrestlers. This was my last season coaching the UNK Lopers and our team finished 4th at the NCAA DII Nationals. We had 6 All-Americans. This was also the 2nd year for the Twister Wrestling Academy and we had a ton of great wrestlers this year. It was a pleasure to able to coach all of these talented young wrestlers and I cannot wait to see what an impact they will have at the state tourney in the next few years.

The first year of the Twister Challenge was a great success and the winner was Derek Ross, an All-American from UNK. Derek is originally from St Francis KS and had only performed the Twister once in a competition until this year where he used it generously to pin 9 opponents. Note these are college pins which are very hard to come by and another interesting fact is that Derek (or Dross as we call him) wrestles at the 197 lb weight class. I have not seen any other Hwts hit the twister the way that Dross has! Congrats to Dross and I can’t wait to see him hit many more Twisters next year.

PS I will be announcing my new place of employment soon so check back for an announcement

Until next time
Adam Keiswetter

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