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To follow up on my last post I am planning to continue my blog posts partially to cure my own boredom and also to help wrestlers keep improving despite the lack of training opportunities.

As of today USA Wrestling has canceled all events up to July 1st and it sadly seems that there will not be any Freestyle/Greco this summer. This is a hard truth to accept but in the end we always need to do what we can and control the things that we have power over.

Video study is the topic here and I think there are 2 ways of looking at it. First, watch video of yourself and look back at the successes and failures you had. Growing up I was really lucky to have a dad that was really focused on capturing the memories. He recorded nearly every match on his old bulky VHS camcorder. I have uploaded many of those matches to my youtube channel and I’ve only converted about 10% of them but looking back it was a huge tool for me to improve my wrestling. Those VHS tapes were a major tool that I used to get better. By watching yourself compete you can learn a lot. Did I score using a new technique? Did I lose because I had a bad strategy? Did I not prepare properly? Did I perform my best? Those are just some of the questions I would ask myself.

The other way to use video to make yourself better is to watch matches of other athletes. The last week I watched nearly the whole 2019 World Championships. There were so many matches. The 97kg weight class is so loaded and I enjoy watching all of those guys go at it. Its also really cool to see guys like Kyle Dake and J’den Cox win world titles and represent USA.

To wrap it up: Use this time to study video! Watch your old matches and learn from your own experiences and also watch other wrestlers to see what you can implement into your own wrestling style.

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