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Procrastination and Goal Setting

Posted on by adam

I came across this Ted Talk today:

This really struck me as important because of the regret that is often felt right after the state tournament, national tournament or whatever event a wrestler set out to accomplish at the beginning of the season. If they lost a match they instantly regret not doing all of the extra work that could have aided them in accomplishing the goal. Of course its easy with perfect hindsight to look back and wish you would have worked harder or put more time or effort in. A great motivational tool to prevent this type of disappointment would be to visualize that loss in the moments months before the event and if you don’t like the feeling of the loss then go and run, lift, drill etc harder and more often.

I believe that almost any realistic goal can be accomplished if the athlete invests enough time and continues to improve in all 3 positions: neutral, bottom, and top. If you closely watch a state championship match most wrestlers only execute 10 or so techniques. They go for their best takedown multiple times, they escape off bottom, they attempt some breakdowns or mat returns and then they defend the attacks of their opponent.

So what can be done to not procrastinate? Will the panic monster help me? Yes if you set a series of small time limited goals the panic monster could motivate you to accomplish these things on a daily basis. There is no secret to success but putting off the work for another day is a surefire way to risk not accomplishing the goal.

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