Twister Wrestling


Adam Keiswetter

Head Wrestling Coach/Teacher, Columbus High School, Columbus NE

Hometown – Dodge City, Kansas
Born – Norton, Kansas

High School(s)
Kearney High School- Kearney, Nebraska (1999-2000)
Dodge City High School- Dodge City, Kansas (1997-1998)

College – University of Nebraska at Kearney

High School Accomplishments:

  • Nebraska State Champion 135 lbs 2000
  • 3rd Place State-NE 130 lbs 1999
  • 6th Place State-KS 103 lbs 1997
  • District Champion
  • 3x Conference Champion
  • 126-25 record 63 falls

College Accomplishments:

  • 3x NCAA All-American 133lbs 7th-2003, 5th-2004, 3rd-2005
  • RMAC Champion 2005
  • 4X NCAA Academic All-American
  • Gorrarian Award Winner NCAA Tournament 2005
  • 5 falls in 20:13(all with the Twister)
  • 104-34 record 68 falls
  • UNK Male Athlete of the Year 2005

Coaching Accomplishments:

  • Franklin NE: 1 State Champion, 3 State medalists
  • UNK: 2008 NCAA Team Champions, 2 NCAA Champions, 14 All-Americans
  • Longmont CO: 1 State Champion, 9 State medalists
  • Columbus NE: 4 State Champions, 42 State medalists
  • 2X NSWCA Nebraska Coach of the Year

I first learned the Twister at the University of Nebraska at Kearney Wrestling Technique Camp from head coach Marc Bauer as a freshman in high school. Throughout my early years of high school, I used the Twister sparingly and pinned a few opponents. When I began wrestling under Coach Tom McCann in Kearney, I improved my set ups and variations and began using it more often. I ended my high school career with 63 falls, many of which were from Twisters.

As I continued my wrestling career at UNK under Coach Bauer, I learned to create more opportunities to execute the Twister. Coach Bauer also taught me the value of using the twister as a way to intimidate opponents and prevent them from being offensive towards me in matches. As the intimidation factor increased, very few wrestlers would attempt shots on me. My opponents also began to scout me intensely, and in turn they began to shut down their offense and focus mainly on stopping the Twister. This opened up other techniques such as inside trips and snap down go behinds.

Recently I have traveled throughout Kansas, Nebraska and Colorado teaching the Twister at wrestling camps and clinics. I was asked many times if an instructional video was available to demonstrate the technique in greater detail. Now I would like to help you learn the move that has led me to success in all the levels of competition where I wrestled. The video teaches the technique of the Twister, includes numerous highlights of myself executing the move in live competition, and also features the last collegiate match of my career. The added value of the video is that it can be viewed at slower speeds to see exactly what is happening during any stage of the Twister.

I invite you to read the testimonials of the people that have used the video and utilized the Twister in competition. I hope to have the opportunity to share the Twister with you in the near future.