Twister Wrestling

Spring 2020

Posted on by adam

Wow this has been a very interesting Spring! With the NCAA tournament canceled, Olympics postponed, and all other practices and competitions suspended indefinitely, this is a very strange time for wrestlers. This is the longest I have went without being in a wrestling room in about 20 years. The only glimpse of hope is that USA Wrestling has not canceled Fargo and at the time I am writing this I sincerely hope that the tournament will happen in July.

Other than the complete stoppage of wrestling practice its important to stay active. I suggest wrestlers of all ages continue with a serious committment to doing pushups, situps, pullups, squats, and any other bodyweight exercise. As the weather improves I also recommend putting in some serious road work. As and athlete I ran a lot! During high school I would run outside on a 3-4 mile route at least two times per week even during the season. All you need is a pair of running shoes and some layers of clothing depending on the temperature. Try not to run on concrete or asphalt whenever possible. A coach once told me to bounce a golf ball on dirt or grass, then bounce one on a sidewalk. Thats the wear and tear thats happening to your ankles and knees and why it hurts me to walk up/down stairs to this day haha. One last thought on running- always finish the last 50-75 yards of your run in a full on sprint. Just like a wrestling match it is critical to finish hard if you plan to perform your best.

During this quarantine I’ll try to post more often than I have in the past. Until next time -AK

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