Twister Wrestling

Getting Pumped for the Season!

Posted on by adam

This is an exciting time of the year. The college season is getting to the open tournaments and high schools are about to start practice. Also in some parts of the country middle schools and youth clubs are starting to practice. The beginning of the season always has a lot of energy and everyone is optimistic to start attacking this years goals of improving on their sport or increase strength. I believe that wrestlers have many ways to be successful and people of all body types and sizes can find what works for them and create a style of techniques that works for them. Obviously the Twister was a technique that I used consistently in matches but everything must be practiced and drilled properly to become proficient to the point of executing it under pressure during an important match. For this reason I suggest utilizing intense drilling as a part of your practice routine. Slow and easy never happens in a match so make the drills fast and wrestlers will begin to decrease their reaction time and hit the moves in real speed. Good luck to everyone and as always feel free to contact me if I can help in any way.

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